• Telaio Marco Marastoni: Tubazioni in acciaio Columbus
  • Gruppo Campagnolo super Record
  • Pipa e manubrio 3ttt pantografati Marastoni
  • Nastro manubrio Ambrosio
  • Sella San Marco Rolls
  • Cerchi Nisi Laser
  • Tubolari Vittoria Rally


Siamo andati a trovare Licinio Marastoni, nella sua storica bottega di Reggio Emilia. Puoi leggere l’articolo cliccando qui



2 Responses

  1. georg gouvoussis

    Absolutely magnificent.Great job and I have seen many in my years with bikes. Without meaning to be disrespectful is it ofr sale?
    Thansk for letting me know eitherway and once again. Splendid bike and work.

    • Ferrivecchi

      Thank you very much Georg! We are sorry but we can’t leave this bike! Licinio always encouraged and inspired us with his words and unforgettable smiles! This bike represents for us so many things that’s impossible even only to think to sell it! Thank you so much for appreciating our work.
      Stay tuned,
      Merry Christmas!!
      Francesco & Matteo

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